Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Web Site Personas

Have you considered who exactly visits your site? Each person that visits your site have a particular need. It could be a need for more information on a subject matter or a need to find a solution to a problem.

You should not be serving "eba" to someone who wants to eat "fufu". In the same vain, we should not serve "eba" and "fufu" from the same bowl. That will confuse the visitor who might ignore your content. Based on the needs of every user, your content must be tailored to serve each user accordingly. I believe you are asking yourself - How do i serve each individual user that visits my site?

To answer the above question, you need to link that question to the overall objective of your organization or project and your online marketing strategy. Your site visitors must be broken down into distinct groups by cataloging everything you know about each group including their needs.

Let's use the banking industry as an example to explain this subject. The overall objective of this industry is to

  1. Attract new customers and
  2. Retain existing customers
By cataloging based on our objective, we have two(2) distinct groups and the information needs by these groups will vary. The first distinct catalog (new customers) will be looking out for your value proposition from your website and the second distinct catalog (existing customers) will be seeking for information that will let them stay glue to you.

By truly understanding the needs and mindset of your personas, you will be able to create appropriate content.

NOTE: You only have about 1 to 5 seconds to impress your visitor with your content.


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