Friday, 11 January 2013

Breaking Out Of Your Old Shell

It is quite fascinating how businesses in Ghana and Africa at large are still only glue to the old traditional way of advertising. Here I am talking about the TV, Radio and Bill Board Ads. It’s true that these channels of advertising in this part of the world are still relevant and held in high esteem.

These channels enables businesses to position their brands in the minds of the general public which leads to brand awareness.  Most of the advertising agencies in this part of the world are very comfortable with these forms of advertising.

The channels above however have some great drawbacks some of which include;
  • Lack of targeting
  • Lack of ability to track advertising campaign against cost
  • Lack of real or scientific data to back viewership and listenership
To break out of the old traditional way of advertising, it is incumbent on businesses in Africa to leverage on the potential that the Internet has. Here, I am talking about Internet advertising. Internet advertising supplements the traditional advertising and also breaks the drawbacks that characterize the traditional way of advertising.

Now, what stops African businesses from using the Internet as an advertising machine?

The answer could be a combination of several factors some of which include;
  • Lack of Internet/Online marketing strategies for businesses
  • Lack of interest and appreciation about the Internet by top management
  • Scared of moving out from comfort zone and trying something new and in this case Internet advertising
There is the need for African businesses to consciously embrace the Internet and to use it as another (accurate) channel of advertising in terms of brand positioning and awareness.


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