Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Think advertising online in Ghana, think Exhibit361

I know most of you are worried about my long absent in posting new articles. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Anyway, i was working on a project that is equally important which required much of my time.

Thankfully, that project has started and i hope to continue sharing with you again. 

Exhibit361 is the name of the project and it seeks to aggregate premium local websites in Ghana and to offer that as a bigger platform for advertisers who wants to promote their brands locally. It allows advertisers to stretch their monies while spreading their messages. It's all about convenience to the advertiser since it prevents them from signing separate contracts with different website owners.

Whenever you think of advertising online in Ghana, think Exhibit361. Today, Exhibit361 is set on the path of changing the way advertising on the internet is done in Ghana.

It is my belief that this project will add value to both advertiser and website owners


Advertising is the best investment to get the profit in business.If you stop the advertisement to save money,its like a stopping clock to save the time.
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